Come to the Riverside


Come to the Riverside

Words & Music by Aaron Austin

If you’re hungry and feeling faint
Come to the riverside
Don't be shy now, fill your plate
Come to the riverside

Bring your burdens and lay them down
What you lack is no account
There is enough in God's good hands
Our broken pieces are blessed and shared

If you're tired and lost your way
Come to the riverside
Find a home in Love's embrace
Come to the riverside

Bring your worries and let them rest
No one here is perfect yet
As God uncovers life hidden deep
Our weakness loses its gravity

If you're sore and shuffling
Come to the riverside
These quiet waters will ease the sting
Come to the riverside

Bring your sorrows and set them free
Scatter them upon this breeze
Though some wounds will always ache
Peace may find you along the way

Copyright © 2017 by Aaron Austin