I like to make things–songs, stories, websites, logos, linocut prints, podcasts to name a few. Somewhere deep inside I have a need to make stuff and music has often been a path to self-discovery and communion with the Divine.

From contemplations on scripture to liturgical themes and issues of social justice, songs and stories help me to make sense of what often feels senseless. Sometimes they just quietly honor the inherent beauty of trees or country highways. I'm looking a language that has legs to travel out of sanctuaries and into streets, bars, homes, and grocery stores.

Some songs were written for singing together with friends. Others may be better for whispering in the quiet. Either way, I hope these contemplations help you on your journey. If you want to use a song or story in a worship setting, feel free. Attribution is always appreciated.

I have day jobs, namely associate pastor at Central Baptist Church, a loving and progressive community of faith, and a freelance designer and front end developer.

Listen, download, stream, support

You can find my music on Bandcamp. I'm working on streaming now. If you bootleg the songs and give them to a friend, thanks. Or, you can just contact me and I'll send you some tunes.